Amalfi Wedding Photographer

Representing love in a picture is not easy. Every shot may seem trivial or too corny. I’m interested in capturing moments of true happiness in the eyes of the protagonists, the strength of the bride, the satisfaction of the groom, the spontaneity of their bond. These special moments are highlighted by the beauty of the landscapes of the beautiful Amalfi Coast in which the couple from all over the world say yes.

Choosing an Amalfi Coast wedding photographer is essential to discover the best places to celebrate your most important day. An Amalfi photographer can tell you the best locations for the wedding ceremony, the most fascinating churches in Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, the best landscapes for the wedding shooting and all the other essential services for a perfect sunny Italian wedding.

My team of Amalfi Coast wedding photographers and I will help you with everything. We will be invisible, we will try not bother you. Working with the utmost professionalism, we will make a wedding shooting reportage, capturing the best moments taking picture without making you pose.

Our Amalfi Coast wedding package includes video and photos. It’s also possibile having a photo and video shooting with drone to capture all picturesque places of the Divine Coast.

Photos and videos are the only things that will remain forever in memory from your wedding. This is something you can’t save on. With Emanuele Anastasio you will receive a gorgeous memory and a pleasant pastime and cooperation. I highly recommend only his team for the shooting of such an important event!