About me

I’m a photographer ever since I can remember. I love to capture moments that become eternal and give them to people as a gift that lasts forever.
Born in Naples, I live and work in the Amalfi Coast. Back in 1994, it was my father to figure out that my passion for photographic art could be my talent. The first time I held a Reflex Nikon F301 in my hands I understood it would be my greatest form of expression. I decided to enroll the “Filiberto Menna” artistic high school in Salerno and I got my diploma in Graphic Advertising and Photography.
Every shot is a discovery for me, the most authentic way I know to capture the world and the immense beauty that surrounds us. My prime inspiration is the Amalfi Coast, the rocky stone against which the clear sea breaks, the landscape that has captured and continues to capture the heart of all travelers.

From my first works under the management of professors Enzo Rosamilia and Nicola Guarini to the following professional experiences, hard work, constant updates and my ever-growing passion have brought me very high professional satisfactions. My camera has told stories of companies, successes, events, stories of beauty, courage and resourcefulness. Over the years I have been honored to frame the most beautiful moments in the life of countless lovers, including many international personalities, who have chosen the Divine Coast to crown their dream of love. This is the case of the wedding of Chiara Clemente,(the master Francesco Clemente’s daughter) director of the “Di San Luca Films”, and the famous writer Tyler Thompson, who got married in Amalfi in the wonderful setting of the Santa Caterina Hotel for which I was the official photographer. The photos were published in the American magazine Vogue a few month after the event.

Thanks to the success of my works, some critics of important specialized magazines have written articles about me full of esteem. This is the case of “Campania Style” magazine, on which the critical Emma Caterina Simeone wrote an article describing in flattering terms my career and my art, revealing my artistic soul.
“Photographs are the expression of a feeling closely related to his life and to the place he loves the most. Amalfi which recurs in many photos. The artist also shows, in some portraits and self-portraits, that photography is the expression of his real sentiment, revealed by extremely delicate looks or gestures, of a sudden, showing his attention to women in all their life stages, from the youngest age to the aisle”.

My philosophy

I’ll never be pushy on the most important day of your life. Your wedding day will be the best day of your life and you must enjoy it to the fullest.
This is one of our main rules, not to invade the scene, never to attract attention. On the day of your “yes” we will provide all our professionalism to make it even more special, simply unforgettable.

The Amalfi Wedding Photographer

The Amalfi Coast is the most enchanting location for your seaside Italian wedding. I love taking picture to foreign couples who fall in love with the Amalfi Coast romantic little towns and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea.

Being an Amalfi wedding photographer is really special. Thanks to your job, you can experience unique emotions. The landscapes of the Amalfi Coast are the ideal setting for love stories of couples from all over the world. My staff of Amalfi Coast wedding photographers and I will help you to make unique your wedding shoot in Amalfi, but also your wedding shoot in Ravello, your wedding shoot in Maiori, your wedding shoot in Positano, your wedding shoot in Capri, your wedding shoot in Sorrento.